Tony Murphy Handcrafted Footwear, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway are specialists in orthopaedic footwear and orthotic supports.

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We manufacture orthopaedic and made-to-measure shoes, boots, sandals, custom foot orthotics, diabetic shoes and Arizona boots. Learn more about our product range.
We cater for private clients, private medical insurance customers and HSE medical card holders.

Contact details

43 Riverview,
Co. Galway,

Tel: 09096 43214

Office hours by appointment only:
Monday : closed
Tuesday - Friday : 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm
Sunday: closed

Our made-to-measure footwear, supports and devices help to:

  • help reduce pain
  • are made to fit YOUR feet
  • provide comfort AND style
  • increase mobility

Make an appointment

Call 09096 43214 today to make an appointment. The initial consultation takes about 30 minutes and is free.

What to expect

The recommended type of footwear solution will be discussed with you, as well as a breakdown of the estimated cost and timeframe for completion. We will take notes on any medical information you will give us that will help us to understand your footwear needs. We will discuss the style, leathers, soling and any other requirements.

We will then take measurements of both your feet and take note of any special features. We may need to take a Plaster of Paris cast of your feet. We also photograph your feet for a visual record to have on file.

The cost of the footwear will be discussed with you. If you are happy to proceed, a form of consent is prepared for signing. A deposit of one-third is required at this stage.

In special circumstances we can arrange to meet the client at a location convenient to them. For home visits there is an extra charge of €50 within a radius of 100 miles of Ballinasloe. A charge of €75 for visits outside of 100 miles of Ballinasloe.

The next step is up to you! Why not give us a call now on 09096 43214, our business hours are:
Monday : closed
Tuesday - Friday : 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm
Sunday: closed

Where to find us

Our workshop is conveniently situated in the heart of the country, approx 2 km from the new M6. The premises is located in a retail area, off the main street, with ample parking just outside. Our property is wheelchair accessible and accommodates walking aids.
There are a number of hotels and cafes in the area. Galway is approx 45km and Athlone is approx 17km away on the motorway. Ballinasloe is regularly serviced by trains and buses:


Directions for travelling from Dublin:

Follow the new M6 motorway, passing Athlone. Take the next exit, exit 14, Ballinasloe East. Continue through the roundabouts, following the signs for Town Centre. Take a right at the next junction, crossing a small bridge. Follow the road around onto Main Street. The entrance to Riverview is on the righthand side, beside the Credit Union.

Directions for travelling from Galway:

Follow the new M6 motorway, passing Loughrea. Take the next exit, exit 15, Ballinasloe West. Continue through the roundabouts, following the signs for Town Centre. Once you have passed the top of the Fair Green, take a left at the next junction. Go through the next roundabout, taking the second exit onto Main Street. The entrance to Riverview is on the lefthand side, beside the Credit Union.

About Tony Murphy Footwear

At Tony Murphy Handcrafted Footwear, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway we continue to apply the skills, knowledge and expertise attained over 30 years in business to providing high quality orthopaedic footwear and devices. Please look through our extensive line of made-to-measure footwear, medical-grade orthotics, diabetic shoes, custom foot orthotics and other devices.

We believe your footwear can deliver comfort, support AND style.

All our products are manufactured in our workshop in Ballinasloe, where we conduct initial consultation, mid-way fittings and final appointments with our clients. It is possible for us to travel in exceptional circumstances. We cater for private clients, medical insurance customers and medical card holders.

Call us today on 09096 43214 to arrange your free consultation.

Making shoes is in Tony's blood, he followed his father into the trade. Tony began his career in footwear at the age of 15. His talent for design was soon spotted and he moved from the factory floor to the design workshop. His passion for the design and manufacture of quality footwear is as strong today as it was back then.
Below is a timeline of Tony's industry experience:


Tony started on the factory floor as a shoemanufacturing operative with Clarks at their Dundalk plant
Tony's eye for design was recognised and he was quickly promoted to trainee designer at John Rawson's Dundalk factory
Following a tragic fire at Rawsons, Tony moved to the Edenderry Shoe Co., where he designed ladies fashion shoes
Tony took up residence in the design dept of George Earl & Co. in Baileborough, designing children's footwear
Tony made the move to Winstanley Shoes Ltd., Dublin, where he specialised men's footwear design. During his tenure at Winstanley, Tony was awarded with numerous design prizes.
Tony moved south to the Lee Boot Company in Cork.
Tony was recruited by Dubarry Ltd., Ballinasloe, to help with their new range of men's mocassins.
Tony and Anne established Comfort Footwear, originally supplying the hospitals of Ireland with regulation handmade nurses shoes. Gradually their custom-made footwear department grew and a decision was made to focus the business on specialised shoes and boots. They renamed the company Tony Murphy Handcrafted Footwear and have continued to develop expertise in the field of orthopaedic and orthotic supports.

Products, Services Pricing

Information about medical cards, insurance and tax relief

Our product range

Guide prices for all privately commissioned orthotic supports:

Orthopaedic shoes, sandals & boots

Prices for orthopaedic footwear are based on each individual case. Customers ordering made-to-measure footwear will also receive a pair of lasts, which will be used to make all subsequent pairs of shoes..

For home visits there is an extra charge of €50 within a radius of 100 miles of Ballinasloe, a charge of €75 for visits outside of 100 miles of Ballinasloe.
You can make an appointment by contacting us on 09096 43214. We look forward to hearing from you.

Medical card holders

Tony Murphy Footwear has provided the Irish Health Boards and currently the HSE with orthopedic footwear and orthotic devices for over 25 years. A Recent overhaul to the procurement procedures within the HSE has resulted in changes in suppliers to the Orthotic departments throughout Ireland. While the HSE continues to contract Tony Murphy Footwear on an individual case basis, the decision lies with the prescribing professional.
For more information on chiropody entitlements with your medical card, please refer to the Citizens Information website.

VHI, Aviva & Quinn


VHI policy holders should contact their insurer at the phone no. 1850 211558 and enquire if their plan covers made-to-measure orthopaedic footwear or orthotics. They will be asked for their policy number and plan so have both available when making the call.

Aviva & Quinn

Clients should contact their insurer to check if their plan covers made-to-measure footwear or orthotics.
What is not covered by your medical insurer may be deductable on your MED1 form as tax relief. A relative may claim tax relief on a gift of made-to-measure orthopaedic footwear to a parent, child or relative at their current tax rate. .

PAYE Tax relief


Did you know that a relative may claim tax relief on a gift of made-to-measure orthopaedic footwear to, say a parent, child or relative at their current tax rate. More information is available on the revenue website.
We understand that the cost of your made-to-measure shoes, at first may seem expensive, but remember all the pairs of shoes you have in your wardrobe that you have never worn because they do not fit and cause you great pain on wearing (they cost money) and just imagine wearing your own special footwear that fits you properly, the price will then not be expensive.
We have a payment plan in place which allows our clients to pay in instalments over the time it takes to have your shoes made – it can be three or four payments – first payment when you confirm your order, next payment at first fitting and the final payment on receipt of your new shoes.

Podiatric conditions

There are many conditions that we see in our clinic that respond very positively to proper fitting orthopaedic footwear. Proper fitting footwear can relieve pain, improve mobility and health, and enable patients to have a better quality of life by continuing their activities and past-times, and keeping their independence.


All types of arthritic conditions can adversely affect the feet. The most common foot deformities in Rheumatoid Arthritis are Hallus Valgus and Hammer Toes. Other affects of arthritis are painful corns and bunions which can be further irritated by ill-fitting shoes.

Diabetus Mellitus / Diabetes

Footwear and orthotics that are made-to-measure can help redistribute areas of plantar pressure especially important for the diabetic foot. Clients with diabetes may have sensory and motor neuropathy and this can result in ulceration due to wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Leg ulcers

When a client has to wear very heavy dressings, ordinary shoes will not have the room to accommodate the bandages.


Swelling on the lower leg and foot which prevents the client from wearing ordinary footwear.

Dermalogical conditions

Dermalogical conditions such as psoriasis and excema can cause the skin on the legs and feet to become dry and cracked. We use very soft leathers and leather linings in all our footwear which helps prevent cracks in the skin becoming blistered which can lead to ulcerations.


All leathers used in our shoemaking are softie full-grain with chrome reduction. We use chrome free leather linings. We also use lambs wool to insulate footwear where poor circulation is detected.

Allergies to adhesives/glues

The adhesives we use are specially designed for orthopaedic work and are sweat and water resistant and are TOULENE free, this is to avoid any chemical deposits transferring onto the feet which could cause a skin allergy.

Other conditions that we have made footwear for incude: